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Historical background

WSAM pipes company has been Incorporated as a sudanese company with limited responsibility completey funded by a paid up capital of (17,000,000)US dollars .
As a commercial investment the company has already achieved its owners objective,by distributing excellent retuns on invested capital .Moreover the company is practically a strategic infrastructure
project for the whole country,through the facilities and services it provides to public drinking water corporations ,starting with Khartoum State Public Water Corporation and gradually expanding to all provinces of the Sudan This,in addition to WSAM’S contribution and services to sewerage public corporations, irriga-tion and petroleum sectors .On the other hand WSAM is a living example of the success of participation of foreign investment in Sudan ;through their partial share in WSAM ,foreign investors have achieved continuos success in the form of significant return on invested capital and enhanced value of the company All this success is attributed mainly to competent management ,which is the secret of the success of WSAM .
Founded in 2001, by Dr E.A.Agabawi ,the company enjoyed very rapid development .In
2002 ,WSAM (1) factory started by producing PVC pipes from size 20-110 mm .In 2003 five new production lines have been added from Austria and Germany for production of HDPE and PPR ,pipes and fittings ,known as WSAM (2). In 2008 WSAM (3) factory is under construction for production of a new range of products .Currently the production capacity of WSAM factory is estimated as :-
16500 Tons per year of HDPE100 .
10000 Tons per year of soft HDPE for producing corrugated pipes.
3200 Tons per year of U PVC .
2000 Tons per year of PPR .
Two injection machines were added in 2008 ,to produce HDPE fittings.
In September 2004 ,the company under went a major strategic development from a pipes maker to a fully integrated company for execution and engineering of drinking water ,and public sewerage networks.
WSAM pipes company follows European standard number EN 12201 -2 .Because of it’s commitment to total quality assurance ,the company was awarded the (ISO 9001 -2000) internationalquality certificate by BSI accredited by UKAS .

The second commitment is the company policy ,to use the latest possible technology and best raw materials from reliable suppliers .
Continuos pursuance of excellence ,and no imitation of competitors is the third pillar of the
company policy .
The unprecedented success,doesn’t mean for WSAM leadership self satisfaction ,but a continuous challenge for more perfection .Now the
company is starting a new stage based on strategic planning ,diversification and expansion of the customer base ,and spreading a culture of professionlism throughout the whole organization

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Located in Jabrah industrial area
WSAM Pipes Company was awarded
plot no 35 south of Khartoum, Sudan

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