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WSAM is an innovative company , it follows the policy of product development by always looking for new products and developing existing ones Currently , the company produces the following items

1. Full range of high density polyethylene ( HDPE 100) pipes from diameter 20 mm
up to 630 mm , in different wall thickness , and bar  (pressure resistance ) .
2.  Corrugated HDPE pipes for sewage and irrigation , diameter 160 to 500 mm
3.  PPR pipes and fitting : from size. 20 mm up to 63 mm bar 16 , 20 and  , 25 mm .
4.UPVC pipes from size 20 mm up to 110 mm ( 4 inch ), bar 4 to 10 .  
The advantages of H.D.P.E 100 Pipes :-

The latest technology material used in water
net work piping is H.D.P.E. The State of Khartoum
took the decision to shift to H.D.P.E instead
of older materials like asbestos and P.V.C
in 2003 .
The advantages of H.D.P.E are:-
1. Perfect leak proof, non breakable, no
cracking no deformation. At one time leakage
from the water network of Khartoum reached to
25%, this can never happen with H.D.P.E network.
2. Flexibility and excellent burst strength,
H.D.P.E will not be affected by soil movement .
3. Its high resistance to corrosion from various
chemicals and non electro chemical corrosion.
4. High impact and breakage resistance .
5. light weight , easy installation and transportation
6. long service life , over 50 years .
7. Protect public health specially against disease
transmitted by water and insects like malaria
8. Environment friendly .
9. Better value for money over the long term.
H.D.P.E is available as straight pipes, coiled
pipes , corrugated pipes, in different diameters,
wall thickness , and nominal pressure .
There are many methods for joining H.D.P.E
pipes like welding by electro fusion, butt welding
, flange joints, mechanical coupler and fabrication
fitting .

  PPR pipes and fitting : from size. 20 mm up to 63 mm bar 16 , 20 and  , 25 mm .

The advantages of PPR pipes -
*Safety :
*Extremely long life at least 50 years.
*No limitations to pH-value of water (no corrosion).
*Taste and odour neutral.
*Bacteriologically neutral.
*Homogenious joints.
*Excellent weldability.
*Good impact strength.
*Good chemical resistance.
*Low tendency to incrustation.
*Fast and easy installation.

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Located in Jabrah industrial area
WSAM Pipes Company was awarded
plot no 35 south of Khartoum, Sudan

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