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23 Oct

On the 24 th  of jone 2010 ,  the governor of the state Khartoum inaugurated the most recent & largest production line yet in , WSAM factory .Produced by kraussmaffei  co , the new production line was built in Germany to produce the highest quality of HDPE pressure pipes that complies with European  standards specifications . The new line uses the latest technology to produce pipes of outer  diameter up  to 1200 mm , wich is unmatched in Africa , enabling WSAM CO  to establish itself as the front runner in new fields such as modern closed irrigation systems ,city sewerage , petroleum pipe lines . in addition to its traditional business of potable water network .

23 Oct

WSAM is an innovative company , it follows the policy of product development by always looking for new products and developing existing ones Currently , the company produces the following items

1. Full range of high density polyethylene ( HDPE 100) pipes from diameter 20 mm
up to 630 mm , in different wall thickness , and bar  (pressure resistance ) .
2.  Corrugated HDPE pipes for sewage and irrigation , diameter 160 to 500 mm
3.  PPR pipes and fitting : from size. 20 mm up to 63 mm bar 16 , 20 and  , 25 mm .
4.UPVC pipes from size 20 mm up to 110 mm ( 4 inch ), bar 4 to 10 .  

23 Oct

The competitive advantage:
Why it is better for you to purchase WSAM pipes and not any other pipes ?
In addition to guaranteed quality , The key reason is logistics ,being a locally based Sudanese manufacturer , WSAM customer saves the unforeseen costs of time and prolonged costly procedures of importing in banks, seaports , customs, local transport cost from Port Sudan , ect .
  pipes being a hollow body with high volume to weight ratio, the customer actually pay for the cost of transporting air when importing pipes from overseas . In addition to that saving, you also save on the cost of storage and mobilization. Dealing with WSAM , enables the customer to tailor his purchase to his actual requirements in terms of quantities , timing and logistics .Thus a simple comparison of pipes price permeter , as many vendors do , is misleading because it does not show the full picture of actual and hidden costs and the comparative advantageof WSAM pipes . As for other local competition - if any

23 Oct

In the year 2004 the company made a major strategic shift from a factory producing pipes to carrying out water project for drinking water asanitation. And since then the company is able to provide the Department with all the requirements from Project machinery to equipments (such as drills, welding machines, generators, winches etc). Was elected for the most efficient elements of experienced engineers, consultants, technicians and skilled workers. Therefore, project management has been able to adjust to accomplish a large number of projects during the past four years.


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