WSAM Pipes Company

WSAM Pipes Company has been incorporated as a Sudanese company with limited responsibility completely funded by a paid up capital of (17,000,000) US dollars




About Us

As a commercial investment, the company has already achieved its owners objective, by distributing excellent retunes on invested capital. More over, the company practically has a strategic infrastructure project for the whole country, through the facilities and services it provides to public drinking water corporations, starting with Khartoum State Public Water Corporation and gradually expanding to all provinces of the Sudan. This in addition to WSAM› S contribution and services to sewerage public corporation Irrigation and petroleum sectors.

On the other hand WSAM is a living example of the success of participation of foreign investment in Sudan; through their partial share in WSAM, foreign investors have achieved continues success in the form of significant return on invested capital and enhanced value of the company. All this success is attributed mainly to competent management, which is the secret of the success of WSAM.

The Chairman 

Eng. Mohamed El Fatih Ali Agabawi

He received his basic education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with honors from the University of Huddersfield in Britain.

Received a number of training courses and visited a number of European and Asian Countries within the framework of his work, thus gaining full knowledge and familiarity with the pipe industry



Best Products


*Leak proof, no cracks and no deformation.

*High resistance. To chemicals .no corrosion or abrasion.

*High durability & easy installation and transport.

*Guaranteed service life of over 50 years

*Flexibility of HDPE pipes enable it to withstand earth movement without cracking making it the best for water networks…

*The high durability of PPR pipes in addition to its resistance to high temperature variation – hot or cold- make it the best choice for internal connections.

HDPE-pipes-4-750x750 (1)
Tons per year of HDPE 100.
Tons per year of soft HDPE for pro- ducting corrugated pipes
Tons per year of PVC
Tons per year of PPR.