In 2004, the company made a major strategic move from a factory for the production of pipes to a plan and outlet for drinking and sewage networks, and after that, the Projects Department was provided with all its needs of machines, mechanisms and investments. The most qualified experienced engineers, technicians and skilled labor were selected.


Wsam Projects

– Ombada water networks 

– Omdurman Al Harat (34-37-38-41-43), Al-Ghadeer and Al-Wehda.

– Dar Al-Salam Omdurman Square (2-7-8-26).

– Tabt 50.

– Jabal Awliya Square (3-8).

– A project in Merowe area.

– Emtdad Nasser.

– Khartoum Refinery – Al Jaili.

– The project of diverting the Omdurman water line for the company (Al-Sunt) in Al-Muqrin area.

– Karary water project.

– Mount Moye project, Sennar State.

– Sanitation project on Africa Street (Airport Street – 4000 meters long line).

Currently, the company is implementing the two largest projects:

– The water project of the new industrial city in Al Jaili, which is an integrated project for a water network with a length of more than 630 km.

– Khojalab water project.