We follow European standard No .EN 122012-, we have a fully integrated quality assurance system, including a state of the art QC laboratory. Because of our commitment to quality, and we have been awarded the (ISO 9001:2008) International Quality Certificate.


Quality of Our Products


The company is fully committed to international standards of quality by operating an integrated quality control system.

The heart of the system is the Q.C. lab. Which is in charge of testing of raw materials before production, during work in progress, and finished product testing before delivery to customers? WSAM lab. Is able to issue certificate of compliance to Standards.

The Q. C. lab is fully equipped with the following testing equipment from Germany:


  1. MFR tester type 1267 – 0015. For the determination of MFR (melt flow rate) of the thermoplastic material
  2. Pipe tester airless type 1575, PR sure range from 2 to 100 bars. F pressure testing of pipes and pi components with test tank.
  3. Universal tester type M 500 – 5 AX. For testing tension and compression of pipes
  4. Marking gauge model 1291. F marking the samples of the oven.
  5. Drying oven series TS 8000. Determine the elongation this happen by heating.
  6. Digital balance. For determination of the density (shared with MFJ tester)
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